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Hire the best content marketers for female friendly brands!

Free your time to focus on the other important parts of your business knowing you have experts you can trust managing your social and content strategy!

Hiring just one great social media or community manager is $75,000 - $90,000 per year. With Sisterhood League you get an entire team for a fraction of the price.

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Drive Your Social Media & Search Engine MArketing into Overdrive

$ 750 per month (cheaper than a $75,000/yr expert)
  • 10 Blog posts per month
  • 2 Instagram Stories per day
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Competitor and Hashtags Research
  • Optional Product Photoshoot

How it Works

You can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the most out of your content strategy with Sisterhood League as your marketing agency.

  • 01Purchase the content marketing plan to have our team schedule a meeting with you.
  • 02After purchasing the plan we will schedule a video call to learn about the followers and leads you want to attract.
  • 03We will determine if you need photos, videos, 3D animation to make your content stand out.
  • 04Our experts will then start a competitor research to develop a best-practice do's and don'ts.
  • 05We will then create and distribute the content that you approve for the month.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How will Sisterhood League use social media and search engine marketing to build brand awareness and increase customer engagement?

Define your target audience: We will identify your ideal customer and their interests to create content that resonates with them.

Create a content strategy: Develop a content strategy that aligns with your business goals and resonates with your target audience. Our content marketers will use a mix of different content formats, such as text, images, videos, and infographics, to keep your audience engaged.

Use social media channels strategically: Choosing the right social media channels that align with your business goals and where your target audience is most active. Share relevant content and engage with your audience to build relationships and increase brand awareness.

Use paid social media advertising: Use paid social media advertising to reach a broader audience and increase brand visibility. Choose the right targeting options and ad formats to maximize the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Optimize your website for search engines: Use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to optimize your website for search engines. This will increase your website’s visibility and drive more organic traffic to your website.

Use paid search advertising: Use paid search advertising to increase your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Choose the right keywords, ad format, and targeting options to maximize the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Track and measure your results: Continuously monitor your social media and SEM performance and use metrics such as engagement rate, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and cost per conversion to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments.


How do I measure the success of your content marketing efforts?

New customers, reviews, and sales will be the clear outcome, however, we will also provide monthly reports for you to review. Each month your social media manager will set up meetings to clearly communicate the goals, performance metrics, and outcomes that will be assigned to your campaigns.


What are some common mistakes Sisterhood League will help me avoid in social media and search engine marketing?

Not having a clear strategy: Many businesses make the mistake of diving into social media and search engine marketing without a clear plan in place. This can result in scattered efforts and a lack of focus, which can hinder their success.

Targeting the wrong audience: It’s essential to understand your target audience and tailor your messaging to their interests and needs. Targeting the wrong audience can result in wasted resources and ineffective campaigns.

Ignoring analytics: Analytics are essential to understanding the effectiveness of your campaigns. Failing to track and analyze your data can prevent you from making informed decisions and improving your campaigns.

Overlooking the importance of quality content: In both social media and search engine marketing, content is king. Focusing solely on promotional messaging and neglecting to produce high-quality, engaging content can hurt your brand’s reputation and effectiveness.

Ignoring negative feedback: Social media is a two-way conversation, and businesses need to be prepared to handle negative feedback and respond appropriately. Ignoring negative feedback can damage your brand’s reputation and customer relationships.

Focusing solely on paid advertising: While paid advertising can be effective, it’s important not to neglect organic strategies such as search engine optimization and social media content creation.




How will I receive updates about my projects?

You will have access to a user dashboard that will provide easy access to updates on your projects, invoices, receipts and access to our customer support team to answer all questions that you may have.

Your user dashboard allows you to keep a record of all activities, as well as, upload necessary files and more.

Is there a contract involved?

No. You can cancel any service that you purchase at anytime. Unlike the traditional agency model we want to ensure our clients only stay if they are happy and not locked-in based on long-term contracts.

Long-term contracts are great and have their benefits, however, we NEVER want to get too comfortable and stop delivering the best to our clients like most companies do. We choose to live or die as a company by delivering amazing results for our clients and long-term contracts induce a sense that we can relax and have room for errors.

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soul collective case study

Soul Collective

Shopify store design for premium athleisure brand – Soul Collective. Founded by LA designers Tabia & Jennifer.

420experience cannabis website design (1)

4|20 Experience

Online presence for Cannabis conference by Hope Wiseman – the youngest African American woman to own a cannabis dispensary.

asha jones womens nba sports agency

Asjha Jones

WNBA Champion Asjha Jones needed an online presence as she transitioned from “Champion to Serial Entrepreneur”.

veste health case study

Veste Health

Veste Health is a mother-daughter duo pioneering DNA Wellness Coaching for better health solutions.

melky jean lose yourself

Melky Jean

Single release online presence for Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Melky Jean

bejubie case study

Be Jubie

Be Jubie is an innovative CBD/Cannabinoids focused women’s care brand founded by Jen Jackson.

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