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The branding agency trusted by women moguls, innovators and now YOU!

Sisterhood League is the go-to branding & marketing partner of your favorite celebs and entrepreneurs building amazing brands. Join them!

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The girls and women of our race must not be afraid to take hold of business endeavor and, by patient industry, close economy, determined effort and close application to business, wring success out of a number of business opportunities that lie at their very doors.

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We’ve helped other female moguls build great brands - it's your turn!

soul collective case study

Soul Collective

Shopify store design for premium athleisure brand – Soul Collective. Founded by LA designers Tabia & Jennifer.

420experience cannabis website design (1)

4|20 Experience

Online presence for Cannabis conference by Hope Wiseman – the youngest African American woman to own a cannabis dispensary.

asha jones womens nba sports agency

Asjha Jones

WNBA Champion Asjha Jones needed an online presence as she transitioned from “Champion to Serial Entrepreneur”.

veste health case study

Veste Health

Veste Health is a mother-daughter duo pioneering DNA Wellness Coaching for better health solutions.

melky jean lose yourself

Melky Jean

Single release online presence for Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Melky Jean

bejubie case study

Be Jubie

Be Jubie is an innovative CBD/Cannabinoids focused women’s care brand founded by Jen Jackson.

sisterhood league branding agency
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Over a decade of making HERstory, and still getting better

While working with TV host and fashion designer – Vanessa Simmons as she launched her Rose by Vanessa Jean swimwear line, our founders saw firsthand that even the most renowned women didn’t have the support necessary to build their empires.

Driven by our passion for helping women build successful companies, Sisterhood League was founded as a branding agency women can trust to deliver top-tier branding and marketing services to help grow women-led companies. Since then, Sisterhood League has helped multiple female moguls break glass ceilings, make “herstory”, and create generational wealth.



from logos, websites, apps, advertising, product videos, and more - we have your branding needs covered.

shopify store design agency

E-Commerce Store Design

Let us help you design a beautiful and profitable online store that delivers exceptional customer experiences and builds brand awareness.


Digital Ad Campaigns

You've found the right partners to help you get to the top of Google, get sales from Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat ads. We will also help you advertise on subways and billboards.

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launch party

Launch Parties & Press Releases

Launch your products with well planned events and co-ordinated press blitz both in real life and on social media to build interest and increase sales.


Content Marketing

We'll help you build authority in your industry with engaging viral and live stream content.

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Product Photoshoots & Videos

Amazing photos and videos not only help you go viral and grow your following, but they're also a crucial part of increasing sales for your store.

Founders - Veste Health

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Sisterhood League?

Sisterhood League was created from our founder Jahmorly‘s love for multicultural leaders. After years of working behind the scenes for celebrities, athletes, and other female moguls, it became a burning desire to expand beyond just the status quo and help all female founder founders build the brand of their dreams.

We are the most passionate agency you will ever work with. We go beyond the norm because we are driven to see multicultural leaders take their rightful place as the providers of products and services for their communities.


Why is your pricing transparent?

We believe that multicultural brands are the future, however many can’t afford the $25,000 – $500,000 retainers that the established leaders can pay to stay at the top. To help multicultural brands grow and become household names we have created a digital first strategy that cut down on costs that we then unto to our clients.

What is Cultural Relevance?

Cultural Relevance is our parent company that is dedicated to opening the doors for multicultural companies to receive the same level of top-tiered branding and marketing services that were reserved only for Fortune 500 companies with big budgets.



Can I receive a refund?

Yes. You are eligible for a prorated refund based on how much of the work we have completed. You will be assigned an agent from the Client Success team to file your claim or start a claim from your user dashboard.

How will I receive updates about my projects?

You will have access to a user dashboard that will provide easy access to updates on your projects, invoices, receipts and access to our customer support team to answer all questions that you may have.

Your user dashboard allows you to keep a record of all activities, as well as, upload necessary files and more.

Is there a contract involved?

No. You can cancel any service that you purchase at anytime. Unlike the traditional agency model we want to ensure our clients only stay if they are happy and not locked-in based on long-term contracts.

Long-term contracts are great and have their benefits, however, we NEVER want to get too comfortable and stop delivering the best to our clients like most companies do. We choose to live or die as a company by delivering amazing results for our clients and long-term contracts induce a sense that we can relax and have room for errors.

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