Why Sisterhood League?

Sisterhood League was created from our founder Jahmorly‘s love for multicultural leaders. After years of working behind the scenes for celebrities, athletes, and other female moguls, it became a burning desire to expand beyond just the status quo and help all female founder founders build the brand of their dreams.

We are the most passionate agency you will ever work with. We go beyond the norm because we are driven to see multicultural leaders take their rightful place as the providers of products and services for their communities.


When will my invoices get paid?

After your invoice has been sent over to our team and approved the payment should be made with 48 hours of approval. Please submit your invoices with a 3-7 days before due-date to ensure enough time to process the payment.

Typical wire transaction time-line:

  • Domestic wires/ACH: approximately 0-2 business days
  • For international wires: approximately 0-3 business days

Is there a contract/retainer involved?

No. You can cancel any service that you purchase at anytime. Unlike the traditional agency model we want to ensure our clients only stay if they are happy and not locked-in based on long-term contracts.

Long-term contracts are great and have their benefits, however, we NEVER want to get too comfortable and stop delivering the best to our clients like most companies do. We choose to live or die as a company by delivering amazing results for our clients and long-term contracts induce a sense that we can relax and have room for errors.